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02-23 - Living Stations - Toby Mac - Retreat

posted Feb 23, 2015, 5:27 PM by Matthew Baum
Good Evening,

We've got a bunch of stuff coming up in March, but since we're into Living Stations and won't be having a regular meeting, let's give the updates.  Please, there's a LOT of info here, please check the dates carefully, and make me aware of any conflicts you find that I may have missed.  It's going to be a VERY busy Lent, but all of this stuff is well worth it!

Living Stations - Thanks to everyone who filled out the survey.  While there were quite a few responses, the survey results are in.  We will be doing the JPII stations.  It's probably appropriate since we are the JPII youth group.  I've been pleasantly surprised with just how many new people have been interested in joining us for Living Stations.  Let's make them feel welcome and encourage them to come to our other activities!  For those of you who were hoping for the other set, I'd ask you to try to have an open mind, and at least give this a shot.  Let me emphasize.  If you do not want a speaking part, you CAN still be in the stations!  There are quite a few small speaking roles and other non-speaking parts.  For those of you uncomfortable speaking, we will not force anyone to take a part they're not comfortable with.     The results from the survey as far as practice times were interesting as well.  Since not everyone is in every station, we'll be having 2 practices a week.  One on Wed/Thurs and another on Friday after the Fish Fry is over.  Here are the dates for the practices.  If you can only come to one or the other practice, that's perfectly fine.

Thurs Feb 26 7pm-9pm (picking parts)
Friday Feb 27 7:30pm (after Fish Fry) - 9pm (picking parts)

Thurs March 5 7pm-9pm
Friday March 6 7:30pm (after FF) - 9pm

Wed March 11 7pm-9pm
Friday March 13 7:30pm (after ff) -9pm

Wed March 18 7pm-9pm

Friday March 27 7:30pm (after ff) -9pm (Dress Rehearsal)

Sunday March 29 Time TBA (Final Dress Rehearsal)

Sunday March 29 7pm - Palm Sunday Performance
Friday April 3rd 7pm - Good Friday Performance

Lenten Retreat - March 20th-22nd @ Sisters of the Sacred Heart - We will be having our joint retreat with Fr. Mike at the Sisters of the Sacred Heart.  Registration forms are posted on our website "forms" page.  Cost is $10, if you're interested, please sign up and bring a form in soon!  There is limited space available.  The Theme will be "The Meaning of Suffering"  Forms can be dropped off at the Parish Office  Forms available at

Toby Mac Concert - There will be a Toby Mac Concert at the War Memorial on Thursday March 26th.  I will be at the Diocesan Penance Service.  However, JPII Youth group will still run group tickets.  If you would like to go, please fill out a form with money.  Tickets are $15 for Members, $30 for non-members.  I must emphasize that we will only provide group tickets for this event.  This is NOT a chaperoned event.  However, if you want to carpool, you are welcome to leave your cars at St. Benedict's

Easter Egg Hunt - I was informed that our group also runs the annual Easter Egg Hunt for the little kids on Palm Sunday after the 11:30 Mass.  I'm still collecting information on this, but I'll be in touch.  (This event WILL count for Service Hours for those who need them.)

Saturday's Kitchen - We have been asked, as I understand we have in the past, to take a day at Saturday's kitchen.  Our day this year is Sunday, April 12.  Please mark this on your calendar.  We will need to find a number of volunteers to help out that day!  I do understand that it's Divine Mercy Sunday, but due to scheduling that was the only weekend available and they were practically begging us to take it.  On the other hand, what better way to be the light of Jesus to the less fortunate as we show his divine mercy to those most in need.  (This event WILL count for Service Hours for those who need them)