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03-04 Praise and Worship, Lenten Retreat, Toby Mac, Egg Hunt

posted Mar 4, 2015, 6:38 AM by Matthew Baum
Good Morning,

Thank you to everyone who came to our meeting this Sunday.  I hope we all felt heard and that we can work together to move forward from here.  For those interested, our next Living Stations practice will be this Thursday from 7pm-9pm, and Friday from 8pm-9pm.  If anyone is interested, we will of course make room, just stop by.  I hope we can remember some of the things Fr. Dave talked about, and I encourage you to take charge of things you feel strongly about in the future.  Be assured that if you take charge of something, I will do whatever I can to help you succeed, as I'm sure will the rest of the group.

Praise and Worship - We WILL have Praise and Worship Adoration this Sunday at 7pm, just without the music for Lent.  Take a few minutes out of your schedule to take some time for the Lord, it's worth it!

Doughnuts - We made a decision as a group that there will be NO doughnuts for Lent.  We will resume with Doughnuts after Easter on Sunday April 12th,

Lenten Retreat - If you want to join us, please print out a form soon and turn it in with $10.  It looks to be a good opportunity for lent.  Forms are available at

Toby Mac - If you'd like to go to the Toby Mac Concert.  Same deal as the retreat.  Get the stuff in by this Monday, March 9

Easter Egg Hunt - As we talked about at the meeting, we're looking for someone to take charge of the Easter Egg hunt.  This happens Palm Sunday.  We have most of the stuff available, and I believe I found a person who's worked with it in the past to run that person through what needs to be done.  Please consider stepping up.  If you agree to take charge, as we talked about, I trust that everyone will support you in doing so. 

Parent Meeting/Leadership retreat - One of the things that came up at the meeting was that some parents aren't sure how to make things work here procedural to run an event.  I'm going to work on a how-to/faq for parents interested in taking charge of something.  Similarly, we talked about trying to setup a summer "leadership" retreat to talk to our High School students about the skills necessary to run a program themselves.  I'll do my best to keep everyone posted on those.

YDisciple - At the meeting, we expressed concerns that although many like the program, many of the young people would rather discuss and plan upcoming events than work through the program.  As Easter concludes, we'll move toward more "working" meetings for the next few months to see how it goes.  We can re-visit the idea of a program at some future point.

Also, let me close with a suggestion.  Please start thinking ahead.  If there are things you would like to do.  Don't wait to see if someone else steps forward.  Step forward now, offer to take charge, check on prices, check on dates, and the first step to any event is finding out what it costs and where/when we could do it.  There are a lot of potential things we could do, but they will require your initiative.  I hope we can take some of our recent frustrations and channel them into good, positive things that you want to do in the future.  Remember, if you step forward, we will help and support you.

God Bless,
-Fr. Matt