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03-22 Great Retreat and Easter Eggs!

posted Mar 22, 2015, 2:59 PM by Matthew Baum
Good Afternoon Everyone!

I hope everyone who went had a wonderful time at the retreat. It seemed like a great experience for everyone! This week we do need help with something! The easter egg hunt is coming up, and we need anyone who can help stuff easter eggs and/or help with the Easter Egg hunt itself!

If you are available This Wednesday 3/25 from 7pm-9pm (our normal youth group time) We will be stuffing easter eggs in the JPII building in both Room 1 and Room 2 - Many hands make light work, so please help if you're able. I will not be there personally, as I'll be at my nephew's confirmation out in Philly. Rick Ingavo will be in charge of the egg stuffing operation! If you are still in need of service hours, this will also count.

If you're available Palm Sunday at around 11am (ie: after the 9:30am mass with the procession) - we'll be running the easter egg hunt itself. I'll be there, but Rick's in charge. He'll also need lots of help then too! Including, we need to decide who wants to be the easter bunny. So if you're short and you like to hop...let me know!

If you're able to come either this Wednesday OR Palm Sunday, PLEASE email me to let me know. We need to set up an appropriate number of stations for those stuffing eggs, and we need to have a game-plan for the egg-hunt itself.

Hope to see you then!

God Bless,
-Fr. Matt