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04-14 - Something New

posted Apr 14, 2015, 4:50 PM by Matthew Baum
Good Evening folks,

Sorry to get this message out so late...there's been a lot going on!

We'll meet as usual this week, 7pm-9pm in the Music Room.  I hope we can have a nice turnout!  Tim's going to be leading the discussion with a video from I believe Jason Evert, and some stuff to talk about.

Schedules - Since we had a low turnout last week we didn't do the calendar stuff. I'm hoping we get a few more to look ahead to the next few weeks and into the summer.  Here's the stuff we need to fit bring a calendar and let's set some dates...

Cookie Baking - May 15-16 for Baking, and 16-17 for selling!  Thanks to Mrs. Kopp and friends for getting us all set up!  More info to come very soon!

Summer Retreat - We had our staff meeting today, and unfortunately, with priest retreats, VBS, weddings, and some other things, it really isn't a possibility to have a weekend retreat.  One idea they had was to make the retreat either Sunday-Tuesday July 28,29,30, or Monday-Wednesday July 29,30,31.  Please check your calendars and see if those would work. If there are major conflicts, we may have to look at some other possibilities and get creative with dates...

Kennywood Trip - We also talked about doing an amusement park trip.  That needs to get on the calendar soon. We need to look at dates

Help at Soup Kitchen - We had agreed to help unload the freezer at the soup kitchen...we'll need to find a date for that...

Mission trip jointly with Windber - I hope to get some info on the Mission Trip to share with you.  Maria and Zach, if you're reading this, please send me some info to share!

Game Night - We've been talking about it...let's find a date...

PaintBall/Coal Tubing - As we get closer to summer, let's think about when we'd like to do this (I'm thinking July)

Service Projects - It would be nice to do some more service stuff this summer.  We'll definitely need to help with the reunion again, but start to think of some other ideas.  It might be nice to think about doing bingo with one of the nursing homes, perhaps a diaper drive for Gabriel Project, or think of some other stuff....

Play - Rick Ingavo (who did easter eggs with us) had mentioned interest in doing some sort of Christian-Themed play this summer for the parish...would there be any interest there?

That's all I can think of!  See you tomorrow night!
-Fr. Matt