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04-20 The Third Way and Summer Planning

posted Apr 20, 2015, 6:35 AM by Matthew Baum   [ updated Apr 20, 2015, 4:15 PM ]
Good Evening Everyone,

From the suggestions from the officers...this week we'll be watching "The Third Way"  It's a 40 minute video that talks about our Church's teaching on Homosexuality.  I hope it gives us some good material for discussion

Cookie Baking - Don't forget - May 15-16-17 is our cookie baking weekend!

Upcoming Events - June is going to be pretty crazy - 

VBS - Vacation Bible School will be looking for helpers.  VBS is the week of June14-18  Please consider helping, it's worth your time and effort to contribute to our parish.

After VBS - I was speaking to Becky Lear, who runs Vacations Bible School, and here's the proposal.  We've been wanting to do a number of events all year, but have had trouble scheduling them.  I'd like to propose that we have something going on each night after VBS.  There will be plenty of VBS helpers to encourage new people to come to youth group, and if we start now, we could have a plan for each night.  Some possibilities would be WW3 Paint Ball, Coal Tubing, Outdoor Movie & cookout, Bonfire/cookout, bowling, Broomball at Planet Ice, and some others you may think of.  I'd like to get a schedule put together of stuff for each night that week.

Retreat - We settled on Sunday-Tuesday June 28-30 for our Summer Retreat.  We talked about some of the pro's and con's of the two possible locations.  A lot will depend on how well we do with the cookie baking fundraiser.  I'd like to keep the costs down, but I'd also like us to try to make a big deal and invite lots of people!

Hershey Park - After discussion and looking at the calendar.  The tentative date for Hershey Park is Monday June 22nd.  Unfortunately, with Priest Retreats and VBS, the available times during June are VERY limited...that seemed to be the most available date that didn't have an existing conflict.

Mission Trip - Our Mission Trip along with Windber (Zach and Maria) will be  Sunday, July 26th to Friday, July 31st.  I'm posting info about the trip to our website...check it out!  It's definitely worth going!

Soup Kitchen - Could someone please check about our help unloading the freezers at the Soup Kitchen.  That might be a good project to do in an evening AFTER VBS.  Let me know who has the contact info to set things up.  Perhaps that could be in place of our regular Wednesday night...

More Events - I know there's a lot of stuff we talked about doing.  We do have some evening time for stuff during the week of VBS (June 14-18) but We NEED to get it on the calendar for July before July fills up as completely as June.  So if you want to do something...
1. Shoot me an email saying you'd like to run x
2. I'll work with you to set a date
3. Make it happen! Any help you need, we'll all pitch in, but you're big kids and I know you can handle it!

God Bless & See you Wednesday!
-Fr. Matt