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05-19 - No Meeting (again) yes, I know...but we'll meet next week - please read

posted May 19, 2015, 1:37 PM by Matthew Baum   [ updated May 19, 2015, 1:37 PM ]
Good Afternoon,

First of all, thank you guys for helping to bake and sell cookies!  You guys are awesome!  We did a great Job and made about $1,600 for the youth group!  That should get us through both Hershey park and the Retreat! Well done!

NO Meeting This WeekI know May's been crazy, I think we mentioned that the last time we actually had our regular weekly meeting. (which I know has been a while)  

Organizational Meeting - We SHOULD meet next Week, May 27th.)  At that point, I'd like for us all to sit down and evaluate the year, and set a direction going forward.  I have some thoughts in mind after being here a year, and we need to get a plan together.  

Parent Meeting - Leading into summer, we're also going to shoot for Wed June 3rd at 7pm to be a Youth Group Parent Meeting - Everyone will be invited as we talk about doing some catch-up, evaluation, and reorganization.  Plan on that meeting being a long, but important one.  ALL parents with a student in grades 6-12 are welcome!!!

In the meantime, even though we haven't been meeting, I've been following up with our previous suggestions and have stuff on the schedule.  PLEASE read the following CAREFULLY and note the due dates!!!

HERSHEY PARK - Our Hershey Park trip will be coming up soon.  Registration is Due FRIDAY MAY 29th - I have to send in the group registrations that early to get the group rates.  Forms are available under the "Forms" section of the website, and info about the trip is posted at    The following people worked 2 or more sessions at cookie baking and are eligible for the members rate ($35) to Hershey - Dominic Kutsek, John Roy, Courtney Amsdelll, Leah Amsdell, Riley Amsdell, Erica Amsdell, Mary Bevil, Elizabeth Bevil, Maura Trabold, Nick McGowan, Mikayla Ball, Morgan Casto, Tyler Vizzini, Alexis Benshoff, Emily Roy, Rachel Nagy, Andrew Blough, Jenna Peratore, Alan Farabaugh, Paige Ritko, Nicki McKnight   

Youth Activities Week - Our Youth Activities week schedule is completed.  This will be June 15-19th To make things easier, I've posted all the info on our website, and there is a Youth Activities Packet posted under forms that includes all the info you need as well as registration forms for Coal Tubin and Paintball.  PLEASE check it out!   All events start at 6pm.  Please sign up for whichever ones you're planning on attending.  Registration for these are due by June 8th

    Monday - Potluck/Movie
    Tuesday - Coal Tubin'
    Wed - Game Night
    Thurs - WWIII Paintball
    Friday - Bonfire

Summer Retreat - Our Dates are now official - the retreat WILL be at the Sister's retreat house again, Monday June 29th-Wed July 1st.  I should have more info and registration forms available by next week.  Cost should be similar to last time, probably around $15-$20 or so...

God Bless!
-Fr. Matt