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06-06 - Meeting Minutes and upcomming events

posted Jun 6, 2015, 10:32 AM by Matthew Baum   [ updated Jun 6, 2015, 10:35 AM ]
Good Afternoon,

New Members on the List - First of all, welcome to the new people on the email list!  This message will go out weekly to let you know about everything going on with JPII Youth Group!  If you ever want something sent out to the group, just let me (Fr. Matt) know via email at and we'll include it.

Parent Meeting: First of all, thanks to all the parents who came to the parent meeting.  We had a lot of good ideas, and we're going to try to make that a monthly meeting.  The more parental involvement we have, the more events we can make happen!  All Parents and interested adults are always welcome!  The next meeting will be July 1st at 7pm in the school music room.  The minutes are attached!

Activities Week - It's getting close to activities week.  We have a LOT of events planned, and we need to do quite a bit to get there.  We need to sign some people up to help with set-up, bringing stuff, etc.  Here's what we need for each Night:  I will have signups for each of these on the volunteer-spot on the front page.  I'm asking that each of you PLEASE sign up to help with at least one of's a lot of work, but if we all pitch in, it's easy.  Even if you've never come before, an extra set of hands is always helpful.

    Monday - Movie Night - Everything will be at St. Andrews - We'll need people to help setup the movie equipment, tables, etc.  if you can come a bit early to help, I'll probably get there around 4pm - event starts at 6pm.  Let me know if you're willing to help, there will be quite a bit of stuff to load/unload from Benedict's down to St. Andrews. - We will also need help with tear-down at the end of the night.  Both will be posted to the site.  Don't forget to bring something to share!

    Tuesday - Coal Tubin - Not a lot of setup here, but PLEASE, PLEASE, sign up in advance.  They WILL take registrations the night of, but we MUST guarantee 15 people and it's going to take a whole lot less time if I have money and waivers setup ahead of time!  Cost is $10

    Wednesday - Game Night - There's a lot of setup/cleanup time here.  Anyone who's willing to bring a tailgate game or video game system, please email me!  I need to get these lined up ahead of time.  I know a few of you mentioned you'd be willing.  I just need to get lined up who's bringing what and setup which room each will be in.  We will have the entire JPII Building plus the outside, so there should be plenty of room.  Anyone willing to help setup/cleanup - there is a spot on the volunteerspot.  Remember - Bring something to share and post what you're bringing as a comment on Volunteerspot!

    Thursday - PaintBall - PLEASE NOTE PAINTBALL STARTS AT 5PM and runs until 8PM, (ALL THE OTHER EVENTS START AT 6PM)  Again, PLEASE pre-register with money.  We MUST guarantee 15 people for the group.  Cost is $30.  Turn those waivers along with money into the office THIS WEEK!!!

    Friday - Bonfire - This will be at the Blough's.  Directions will be coming soon.  Please bring a lawn chair and something snacky to share!

Hershey Park - We currently have 30 students going on the trip.  We could still potentially take 20 more on the bus.  If you know of anyone who would still like to go, They can still sign up until the day of the trip.  The cost is now $80 (because any tickets purchased now are at the "Walk-Up Group" rate) There will be a parent letter about the trip and details coming out shortly.  We'll ask everyone to attend the St. Benedict's 8am daily mass and leave directly after (yes you may wear shorts to church) and we will return between 11pm-Midnight.

Reunion - A small correction - I had previously stated that we'd be doing the dime pitch. That was an error. We will be asked to help with different parts of the reunion, but more info on what exactly we'll be doing will be coming soon....

That's all I've got right now!  Hope to see everyone soon.  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE log into volunteerspot and sign-up to help with something at activities week.  Many hands make light work!

God Bless
-Fr. Matt Baum

Matthew Baum,
Jun 6, 2015, 10:36 AM