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06-30 - Some Bad News and Some Good News

posted Jun 30, 2015, 5:46 AM by Matthew Baum   [ updated Jun 30, 2015, 5:48 AM ]
Good Morning,

Summer Retreat - Unfortunately, I have some bad news.  While I was looking forward to doing our summer retreat, we only had 6 people say they could make it.  I hope we all understand that we can't really run the sort of retreat we've had in the past with just 6 people.  On the other hand, I did hear from quite a few people who liked the topic and were interested in the retreat, but the schedule simply didn't work.

Parent Meeting - The Parent Meeting is this Wed, July 1st @ 7pm in the JPII Chapel.  We have a lot to discuss.  Especially in light of the scheduling issues with this retreat, it's very important that we get a fall calendar together soon so that people have plenty of advance notice on all of the dates for our fall events.  Please bring your calendars and we'll try to get this all straightened out!  Let's try to make sure we can get things scheduled into the calendar a bit better in the future!  Remember, ALL parents and interested adults are welcome!

Summer Pilgrimage - I have, however, gotten a lot of positive responses for the summer pilgrimage.  As I finished up the finances after the Hershey trip, we're in a little better place than expected due to some last-minute signups on the trip.  With that in mind, the prices for the summer pilgrimage will be a bit lower.  There is still time to fill out the survey, but at this point the leading candidate in the St. Anthony's Chapel/Pirate Game.  I believe we should be able to lower the price for that and make the trip about $25 including the ticket.  If anyone has trouble with the $25, especially in families with multiple kids, please talk to me and we can help make it work.  Our tentative date for the pilgrimage would be Thursday, July 23rd (which is also a Fireworks night at the Pirates).  If anyone knows of any major conflicts that day, please let me know soon.

Game Nights - Quite a few of you have expressed interest in doing the game nights a little more regularly through the summer.  I see no reason why not to, but I will need to check times and locations weekly, as we'll be setting up for the reunion.  I hope to give you an update after the parent meeting!

God Bless,
-Fr. Matt