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07-14 - The Trip is Full!!!

posted Jul 14, 2015, 2:10 PM by Matthew Baum   [ updated Jul 14, 2015, 2:45 PM ]
Thank you Everyone!  The Pilgrimage to St. Anthony's Chapel and the Pirate Game is officially full! 

Since the trip is at capacity, PLEASE read below carefully and make sure your family and the number of tickets is listed correctly.  If there are any mistakes, please contact me immediately so that I can change it.  Any additional sign-ups will go on the waiting list.  I will try to make it work if at all possible, but I can't make any promises. If you don't see a number next to the name, it means you're signed up, but only for a single ticket.

Many of you are missing documents - I'll contact everyone with what they're missing this week, but everyone needs.
1. Trip Registration Form (It says St. Anthony Chapel on the top) 1 per family
2. General Permission Form (for everyone under 18) - If you went on Hershey, I already have this
3. Money - Always important ($25/person)

Trip Chaperones (6)
Fr. Matt
Samantha Dravis
Austin Keith
Christine Babik
Ryan Kucera
Evonne Homway (Ms Y)

Families (29)
Bevil Family - 2 Tickets
Farabaugh Family   - 4 Tickets
Keiser Family - 4 Tickets
Leventry Family - 4 Tickets
Schulte Family - 3 Tickets
Roy Family - 5 Tickets
Weaver Family - 4 Tickets
Vizzini Family - 3 Tickets

Students (16)
Courtney Amsdell
Erica Amsdell
Cody Beiter
Michael Beiter
Glen Brown
Connor Brown
Morgan Casto
Jon Casto
Joe Eger
Namita Gallo
Anastasia Hall
Rachel Hall
Rachel Nagy
Libby Rager
Becky Ribblett
Amelia Williams