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10-01 Follow Me

posted Oct 1, 2014, 6:25 AM by Matthew Baum
Good Morning Everyone,

Again, sorry for the late notice.  I think I'm just going to start posting these on Thursdays after our meetings.  This week we'll me doing a lesson on what it means to follow Jesus.  Thank you to Zach for agreeing to be the leader on this one.  As we start to get more into a pattern, I hope that each of our adults will take a turn doing the lesson so that you guys don't have to just listen to me every week.

From last week, thank you to everyone who helped us clean up downstairs in JPII and over in the garage.  It's so nice to realize we now have storage space and room to do things!

As we get moving, start thinking about some other activities we'd like to do.  I know we talked about making a trip up to Loretto for the Saints tour at the end of the month.  It'd also be nice to start thinking about some service activities.  Start thinking about what you might like to work together on doing.

In other news, I just received our registration for the "Youth Rally and Mass for Life" in DC, and put in for our tickets.  Very soon, we'll have to start thinking about plans for the March.  Start talking to friends about it, as you may know, I'd like to see us go down Wednesday afternoon so that we can make the vigil mass at the national shrine. (I promise, you've never seen a mass anything like it anywhere)  Then, ideally, we'll put out sleeping bags in a school near DC (our surveys all said you guys like camping!)  and make the youth rally and march in the morning.   Start thinking about how we'd like to promote the event, and I'll talk tonight about a few ideas for fundraising.  Remember, ANY high school students from the greater area are welcome, but we need to let them know about it.  I'm certainly open to ideas, so start thinking!  If any of you would like to help with the planning of the trip, please let me know.

See you tonight!  God Bless,
-Fr. Matt