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12-03 Back to our Regular Programming

posted Dec 2, 2014, 1:15 PM by Matthew Baum   [ updated Dec 2, 2014, 1:27 PM ]
Good Evening Guys,

We WILL meet this week and We're back to our regular schedule. This week's topic will be "Is Jesus Really Divine?"  See you there!  

Baby Bottles & Doughnuts Mark your calendars, Dec 13-14 is going to be another busy weekend.  We're doing pick-ups on the Baby Bottles, and we're doing we'll need...

1. Family to pick up the doughnuts
2. 2 people at each exit for each Mass to collect baby bottles
3. someone to make "doughnut signs"

Games: After that, on the 14th we'll have the Igou family in for a concert in the evening.  We can discuss tonight if we want to do the same plan and do a "game afternoon" after we're doing with the bottle collections...This time, the Youth Group fund will pay for the pizza :-)  You guys earned it!

Christmas Carolling: We finally have a date for Christmas Carolling.  It's Sunday Dec 21st at 1:30PM.  Our St. Benedict Penance Service is also that evening.

Penance Services: It's getting into penance Service Season.  With that in mind, I likely won't be around on Wed Nights after this week.  There's no reason we can't meet, but I do need 2 adults to commit.  One to do the lesson, and another to help.

Since there's so many signups, I'm making a signup link.  I've used volunteerspot a LOT in the past.  You do need to register, but it's pretty simple and they're not too spammy.  It is immensely helpful though when we need to do signups.    Here is our volunteer signup link  I'll also put that up on our front page. (It's a pretty button)  So go try it out and sign up!

Also upcoming...

Dec 13-14 Collect Baby Bottles
Dec 14 Doughnuts after 9:30 Mass
Dec 14 7pm Christmas Concert by the Igou Family (This replaces Praise and Worship for December)
Dec 21 1:30pm Christmas Carolling (it's the same day as our Penance Service)

Dates TBD:  Group Trip to the Hobbit Movie!!!

God Bless, See you soon!

-Fr. Matt