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A Fall Calendar, St Anthony, a Pirate Game! Please Read!

posted Jul 1, 2015, 6:19 PM by Matthew Baum
Good Evening Everyone,

Thanks to the couple of parents who made it to our Parent Meeting!  We covered a lot of stuff! 

General Permission Forms - To simplify things, this year we will have ONE annual permission form, and simple registration forms for each event.  We MUST have a general permission form on file for all students, but you only need to turn it in once a year.  If you turned one in for Hershey Park, you're good to go for this year.  The General permission forms are available on the website under forms

Pilgrimage - After looking at the surveys we WILL be going to St. Anthony's Chapel and to a Pirate Game.  St. Anthony's Chapel is the largest collection of relics outside of the Vatican, and it's a great place to visit especially if you're thinking of a confirmation saint.  The Trip will be THURSDAY JULY 23rd.  As the game will be a fireworks night and the fireworks over the river are amazing, we need to do registrations very quickly and we cannot accept late registrations.  The registration form is posted on the website under forms.  Cost will be $25, which will include the Bus trip, A guided tour of St. Anthony's Chapel, a box Subway dinner, and a ticket to the game.  Families are welcome to this event!  Please get a registration form to me as soon as possible.  We need a minimum of 25 people to make this trip happen.  The absolute last day I can accept reservations is Tuesday July 14th.  Please don't miss this amazing trip at an amazing price!  If Cost is an issue for families with multiple kids, please email me at and we can work something out.

Slinky Zone Lockin - We had talked about doing a Slinky Zone Lockin for kids entering 6-8th grade this fall sometime in August.  However, there was only 1 junior high parent at the meeting.  If there are any interested parents out there, please contact me at and we can meet in the next week or so to setup plans.  This would be open to any students entering grades 6-8 in the fall.

Fall Retreat - Since the Summer retreat fell through, I'd like to get dates down for the Fall retreat as soon as possible.  We have 3 possible options for dates.  I will put out a new survey in the next week or so about fall events.  Included in that survey will be a choice of these retreat dates.  For now, please let me know if you know of any major conflicts on any of these dates.  Sept 25-27, Oct 9-11, Nov 13-15.  The Fall Retreat will be open to anyone in grades 9-12 in the fall.

Adult Clearances - The Adult Clearance Section of the website has been should be much clearer and easier to understand now.  Please understand that these clearances are now state law.

Fall Calendar - We also worked out a tentative calendar for Fall.  Below are  the expected dates for activities this fall.  Please let me know if you see any inaccuracies, issues, or concerns.  In a week or two we'll make this calendar final.  If you've been helping in past years, you'll notice that for both soup and pies, we'll be doing pre-orders this year.  This was a strong request last year and will be a big help in running the events.  Essentially, we'll sell the items about 2 weeks before, and then have set pickup times in the gym.  Also, the Hayride/Cornmaze/Bonfire date still needs to be determined.  That will depend on the retreat date we pick.


  • Sept 12-13 - Pre-order Soup Weekend
  • Sept 13th - Doughnuts - After 9:30 Mass
  • Sept 13th - Afternoon Game-Day
  • Sept 13th - 7pm Praise and Worship
  • Sept 19-20  Sleep-out And Soup @ St. Clement Pavilion



  • Needs Date - Hayride/Cornmaze/Bonfire
  • Oct 11th - Doughnuts - After 9:30am Mass
  • Oct 11th - 7pm Praise & Worship
  • Oct 17-18 - Pre-Order Pie Weekend
  • Sat - Oct 24th - Loretto Saints Tour



  • Nov 6-7 - Bake Apple Pies (No School on the 6th)
  • Nov 7-8 - Pickup Apple Pies  Note: (Nov 6th is last McCort Home Game) - we can start early and be done in time
  • Nov 7-8 - Distribute Baby Bottles
  • Nov 8th - Doughnuts after 9:30am Mass
  • Nov 8th - 7pm Praise and Worship OR 5pm Youth Mass @ St. John's
  • Nativity Play Practice Begins Wed Nov 11th (Wednesdays through Dec 16th)



  • Dec 5-6 Baby Bottle Collection
  • Dec 6 - Doughnuts after 9:30am Mass
  • Dec 6 - 7pm Praise and Worship OR 5pm Youth Mass @ St. John's
  • Dec 22nd OR 23rd  Nativity Play Performance
  • Christmas Dinner/Movie (Friday Dec 18th) - (Release date of Star Wars)
  • Christmas Caroling (Dec 20th)

That's it for now!  Thanks everyone!  PLEASE get those registrations forms for the pilgrimage in to me quickly!
-Fr. Matt