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Fall Events

posted Oct 22, 2014, 7:33 AM by Matthew Baum
Thanks to everyone who showed up for our "set the dates" meeting!  I think we've got some good plans coming together!  Many of these have dates, many don't.  Thanks to everyone who was willing to take charge of something.  If we can make even half of these happen, we've got some awesome stuff going on!

God Bless,
-Fr. Matt

Spiritual Activities:

Praise and Worship - Will be mostly the 2nd Sunday of the Month.  The next one will be Nov 9th @ 7pm-8pm.  December will be Dec 14th @ 7pm-8pm.  This DOES count for the Praise and Worship Confirmation Requirement.  We will have forms available if you need to log attendance

Regular Meetings - Will continue on Wed Nights from 7pm-9pm for the time being

Loretto Saints Tour - We're going this Saturday, (10/25) contact Zach Zankey if you'd like to go

Demons, Spirits and Ghosts - Wed Oct 27th we will have a presentation on Demons, spirits and Ghosts in place of our regular youth group night.  Invite all your friends.

Retreats - We'll be shooting for a Lenten Retreat, a Summer Retreat, and a Fall retreat - we still need to set dates.  (UPJ Campus Ministry is interested in running on of those for us)

Service Activities
(approved for service hours)

Christmas Carolling - We'll have more info and dates coming soon

Doughnuts after Mass  - Thanks to Sarah Bence for taking charge.  We'll do Coffee and doughnuts after the 9:30am Mass on Sunday Nov 9th. We will need help with setup and cleanup among other things.

March for Life - Thanks to Terri Roy and Family for helping to take charge of the logistics for the trip.  Mark your Calendars for January 21st-22nd.  We'll be going overnight to the Vigil for Life, staying over, going to the Youth Rally and Mass for Life, and then to the March itself.  Cost will be $10/person, the trip will be open to anyone in grades 7-12.  

Other Ideas:  These don't have dates yet, but some possible future activities:  Running a Middle School Retreat, giving rosaries to nursing home residents, keeping vigil at Planned Parenthood, raking leaves for the elderly.  If one of those or others sound interesting, step up and take charge, just let me know which one you'd like to plan.

Service/Fundraising Activities
(also approved for service hours)

Baby Bottle Campaign - Thanks to the Bevil family for taking charge.  We will be getting baby bottles to pass out after all the masses on Nov 21-22nd.  People will be asked to put their spare change in the bottles, and they'll be collected the weekend of Dec 13-14th.  Proceeds will first benefit our March for Life Trip.  Anything beyond the trip costs will be donated to the Gabriel Project.

Apple Pie Workshop - Thanks to the Eger family for taking charge.  We will be baking pies on Friday Nov 21st, and Saturday Nov 22nd.  Then they'll be sold after masses the 22nd-23rd.  Monetary Donations as well as Flour and Sugar can be dropped off at the rectory office.  Donations are due Nov 14th.  We will be putting out a signup for help with baking very soon.

Christmas Cookies - This year, we will NOT be doing Christmas cookies, we'll do cookie baking for Easter.

"Soup-er" bowl - We'll be making homemade vegetable soup and selling it for Super Bowl Weekend.  Details to follow

Social/Fun Activities

Game Day - If things work out with doughnuts, we'll have some afternoon "board/video game days" in the afternoon between doughnuts and adoration (both of which should usually be the 2nd Sunday of the Month

Paintball- Thanks to Bryson for checking into things, we'd like to take a group paint balling at WWIII Paintball.  Details and dates to follow.

Bowling - Thanks to Sara Bence for checking on this - we'll setup a group bowling date soon in the future

Bubble Soccer - Thanks to Beth Amsdel for checking into this.  Apparently you can climb into giant hamster balls and play soccer.  It sounds awesome.  Details and Dates to follow

Group Movie Trip - After caroling, we'll have dinner and go see the new Hobbit movie.  The group was interested in simply shooting out dates when a new movie came out to go as a group.

Corn Maze - Thanks to the Bevil family for checking into this - We'd go as a group and run a corn maze in town

Ice Skating/Broomball - Thanks to the Roys for checking into this - sounds amusing

Snowtubing - We're shooting for sometime in February

Amusement Park Trip - We've done Hershey for a lot of years, we're going to look into Kennywood this year.

Group T-Shirts - David Eger and Tim Kopp are going to look into designs and prices to get us some group T-Shirts.