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I need to know! Retreat and Pilgrimage Survey

posted Jun 27, 2015, 9:52 AM by Matthew Baum
Good Afternoon,

Just a quick update.  

Survey - If you have not yet filled out the Activity Week/Pilgrimage survey, PLEASE fill it out this weekend.  I need to have the results in by Tuesday Night because Our Parent Meeting on Wed July 1st.  We want to make a decision on where we're offering for a pilgrimage.  There's 4 great choices, and we'd like to keep the excitement going!  Let us know which one you'd like to do!  There WAS an issue where you could only take it once per email address.  As some of you share a family email, I've changed that option.  You should now be able to fill it out multiple times, but please put a different name for each survey.

Retreat - At this point, I have one female adult chaperon and 3 students signed up.  If you would like to do the retreat, PLEASE sign up by Sunday Night.  I need to make a decision on Monday about whether we will have it.  We need 15 people to sign up.  I know from talking to you, many of you were interested.  Please sign up.  
As a reminder, the retreat will be held Tuesday-Thursday July 7-9, and It's open to students entering 9th-12th grade in the fall as well as those who graduated this year.  At this point, all I need is an email commitment that you're going to go!  Cost is $10

Parent Meeting - A reminder that there will be a parent meeting in the JPII Chapel at 7pm this Wednesday July 1st.  All Parents/Interested adults are invited to attend!

God Bless,
-Fr. Matt