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Organizational Meeting - Let's Set some Dates!

posted Oct 16, 2014, 1:45 PM by Matthew Baum
Good Afternoon,

Our weekly group is going very well and thanks to everyone who's been coming, but I know a lot of you are busy and not always able to come on Wednesday nights. We haven't forgotten about you!

I'd like to invite everyone to come to St. Benedict's for an organizational meeting.THIS SUNDAY OCT 19th at 7PM in the JPII Activities Center Chapel.

We want to hear your ideas on Service activities and on Social activities. We'll be putting dates on calendars, so come with your schedule, or send your schedule with a friend so we can mark everything down and make it happen.

So Far, here's our list of potential stuff for Fall

Baby Bottle Campaign
Apple Pie Baking
Christmas Caroling
Loretto Saints Tour
Christmas Cookie Baking
Praise and Worship Adoration

and of course, we're getting ready for the March for Life in January

I'd also like to see us do some more fun activities! Think of something and we can pull it together!

Hope to see you Sunday!

Here's the facebook event if you have that and want to let me know you're coming!

God Bless,
-Fr. Matt