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Pilgrimage and Pirates - Doughnuts - Adoration

posted Jul 7, 2015, 8:45 AM by Matthew Baum
Good Morning Everyone!

New Member Registration - I was proud of myself.  There is now a spiffy new online registration form on the website.  If you haven't turned in a 2015-2016 registration form, you can sign up to get future messages via email.  Just go to

Pilgrimage - (Thursday July 23rd - Register by July 14)  I've heard from a couple of you, but I have yet to receive any actual registration forms. (yes, I know it's early) - PLEASE get them in as soon as you can, this could be a great trip!  St. Anthony's Chapel is the largest collection of relics outside of the Vatican, and it's a great place to visit especially if you're thinking of a confirmation saint.  As the game will be a fireworks night and the fireworks over the river are amazing, we need to do registrations very quickly and we cannot accept late registrations.  The registration form is posted on the website under forms.  Cost will be $25, which will include the Bus trip, A guided tour of St. Anthony's Chapel, a box Subway dinner, and a ticket to the game.  Families are welcome to this event!  Please get a registration form to me as soon as possible.  We need a minimum of 25 people to make this trip happen.  The absolute last day I can accept reservations is Tuesday July 14th.  Please don't miss this amazing trip at an amazing price!  If Cost is an issue for families with multiple kids, please email me at and we can work something out.

Doughnuts - This Sunday will be doughnuts Sunday!  PLEASE email me  if you'd like to volunteer to pick up the doughnuts!  They'll be at the Giant Eagle on Scalp...Also, whoever can be there after the 9:30am mass to eat the doughnuts and then help clean up would be appreciated!

Praise and Worship Adoration- It's 2nd Sunday again!  So it's time for more Adoration - For those of you who are new, most 2nd Sundays we have Praise and Worship Adoration at 7pm.  We gather in the Church to spend some time with Jesus as a group.  We sing praise music, and take time out of our day for Jesus.  It's a great experience if you've never been and even if you have!  Come check it out!

Slinky Zone Lockin - We had talked about doing a Slinky Zone Lockin for kids entering 6-8th grade this fall sometime in August.  I would still be interested, but I need at least 2 parents willing to work with me to get this setup.  If there are any interested parents out there, please contact me at and we can meet in the next week or so to setup plans.  This would be open to any students entering grades 6-8 in the fall.

Adult Clearances - The Adult Clearance Section of the website has been should be much clearer and easier to understand now.  Please understand that these clearances are now state law.

Reunion - Our parish reunion will be next weekend!  As it seems that many of you are already involved through other parish groups, we won't have a youth-group specific booth.  However, your help is always welcome!

That's it for now!  Thanks everyone!  PLEASE get those registrations forms for the pilgrimage in to me quickly!  Come join us for all the other great stuff too!

-Fr. Matt