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SnowTubing, Middle School, Project Gabriel, and Meeting Dates for February

posted Feb 1, 2015, 6:47 AM by Matthew Baum
Good Morning Everyone,

There's a bunch of stuff going on!  I'll try to put it in categories to make it a little easier to read!

SnowTubing:  We WILL be going Snowtubing.  Just got the dates set.  We'll be going on Tuesday Feb 17th.  We're going to 7 Springs.  We'll meet at 4:30pm at St Benedict's and return around 11pm.  Cost is $15 for anyone who has participated in a fundraiser this school year.  $25 if you haven't.  A Bonfire and All-You-Can-Eat Hot Dogs, Pizza, and Hot Chocolate are included in the cost.  More info and registration forms here   PLEASE SIGN UP EARLY  If we get at least 20 people signed up by Feb 6th, we will take a bus.  If you're planning on coming, please email me at to let me know how many from your family are coming even if you need a few days to get the forms in.

This will be a FAMILY event.  I'll be posting a description of our different event types on the website.  Essentially, for family events, There's an upside and a downside.  The upside is that everyone's invited.  Please bring your parents, younger/older siblings, and friends.  The catch is that anyone under 18 need to come with a parent, either yours or someone else's.  

Middle School Youth Group - Some of you have middle school (6-8) aged siblings.  We are having an organizational meeting for PARENTS and age 18+ volunteers of middle school aged kids this Tuesday at 7:15pm in the JPII Center Chapel.  If you have any interest in helping, have kids who might want to be involved, or just have some ideas, stop by!

Meeting Dates for February: I just discovered that I have a schedule conflict for Wed Feb 11, 25, and March 4. We have a couple of options.  Start thinking of ideas.  We could 1. have other parents volunteer to run the lessons and still meet at the regular times.  2. We could meet on Thursdays for those 3 weeks (12th, 25th, and 4th)  or 3. We could come up with another plan that I haven't thought of yet.  Be ready to let me know your thoughts on this at the meeting this Wednesday.  For those of you who can't make it Wednesday, if you'd suddenly be able to come on a Thursday, please email me and let me know!

Project Gabriel - We need to set a date to meet over at St. Francis in the West End to make our presentation to the Gabriel Project from the Baby Bottles.  When we do, that'll be our group for the week and we'll get to see what Gabriel Project is all about, what happens when a woman calls in, how things are handled, and what they do for women in need.  They do very good work and it's worth our learning about and knowing it's out there.  Our "big check" is in the mail for the photo and should be here this week.  Depending on what we decide for February meeting dates, we could possibly meet Thursday the 12th to do the presentation.  The date isn't finalized yet, so check your calendars!

Cookie Baking - Thanks to Mrs. Kopp for taking charge.  Our cookie baking weekend will be the weekend of May 2nd-3rd.  More details to follow as we know more!

This Week - This week, we're still at our regular time, Wed, Feb 4th from 7pm-9pm.  This week, we should start the "what we believe about men and women" segment.  See you then!