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This Week 09-10 - Welcome to all new members!

posted Sep 8, 2014, 6:59 AM by Matthew Baum
Thanks to everyone who turned out last week to join us for our first YDisciple group meeting.  It really seemed like everyone likes the new program and format.  We're going to have to be a little creative as time goes on if our group continues to grow, but that's certainly a good problem to have!

Information - Just as an FYI, When I put messages up for everyone, they'll happen in 3 places.  1. I'll send an email to our email list.  2. Everything will always be posted on the website 3. I'll post to the JPII Youth Group Facebook group  Also, if anyone knows who the admin of the JPII Facebook group is, that could add me as an Admin, I'd appreciate it!  If in doubt, always check the website!

LocationI also understand that a few people had a little bit of confusion on the time and location.  I really hope as we get going, we can get some good communications to help out with that.  If we can avoid it, I never want anyone to come here and find a locked door.  For the next few weeks at least, our meetings will be in the school music room.  Park in the main lot behind the Church, face the school, and you will see a door to the left that says "John Paul II Youth Group Meets Here."  I'll try to keep the sign on the door before meetings, just in case there are any questions.

Praise and Worship  - This Tuesday is 2nd Tuesday, so that means Praise and Worship!   Come Join us Tuesday Night from 6pm-7pm in the Church for a time of praise and worship adoration!  Please invite friends and take some time to come and pray and praise our Lord!

YDisciple - This Wednesday 7pm-9pm will be our next regular youth group session.  This week's topic is "Come and See"  I'm attaching the parent sheet to the bottom of the post on the website.  As usual, basically the first hour will be lesson, and the 2nd will be some sort of fun activity.  I'm a little short on game materials at this point, so if someone wants to bring a Frisbee, or something along those lines it would certainly be helpful!  

God Bless you all and See You Tuesday or Wednesday!  Come!  Bring Friends!  All High Schoolers are always welcome!

-Fr. Matt

Matthew Baum,
Sep 8, 2014, 7:06 AM