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This Weekend

posted Dec 12, 2014, 3:18 PM by Matthew Baum
Good Evening Folks, 

Just a few quick updates

Baby Bottles:  Thanks to everyone for signing up.  Here's the schedule.  Please show up after mass to collect bottles.  I'll be around after all the masses to help put the crates in the office.  Just stack the bottles in the crates (about 30 bottles per crate) and we'll move them into the office after the crowd clears.  We will have a few boxes setting at the side door of Church, but we'll stand at the back of Church to collect.

Sat 5PM: Blough Family
Sat 7pm: Amsdell Family
Sun 7:30am: Eger Family 
Sun 9:30am: Roy Family
Sun 11:30am Kopp Family

Doughnuts:  The Roys will pick up the doughnuts before the 9:30 mass and put them in the gym.  I'll make sure the coffee is started early on Sunday.  We'll need anyone available to help clean things up after doughnuts are over at the 9:30am mass.

Games After:  I discovered that the McCort Christmas Concert is Sunday Afternoon.  I need to be at that, so we'll need to clean up doughnuts after the 9:30am mass and we won't be able to do the afternoon board games.  If someone wants to volunteer to meet at their house, I'll send a followup email letting you know where & when.

Dinner & Movie: We decided on having the dinner and movie on Tuesday Dec 23rd.  It was suggested that we each bring a small, wrapped gift to exchange. (no more than $5) and we'll all swap gifts.  We'll do the movie at Richland Cinema followed by dinner at Pappy's Pizza.  Youth Group will pay for dinner.  We'll update everyone on times once we find out what the matinee times are for that day.

See you this weekend, and God Bless!
-Fr. Matt