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Doughnuts and P&W This Sunday

posted Jan 8, 2015, 2:03 PM by Matthew Baum   [ updated Jan 8, 2015, 2:04 PM ]
Good Afternoon Guys,

It was too bad we couldn't get together last night. I can tell you all some of the stuff we would have looked at, and we'll do our planning meeting this week, so please start thinking about this stuff...

Doughnuts - It's 2nd Sunday this Sunday. So that Means Doughnuts. Since we didn't meet yesterday, I really have to ask that if you are able to help with doughnuts, PLEASE contact me. A LOT of people have commented on how nice it's been having doughnuts after mass. Here's what we need..

1. Pickup - I need 1 family to pickup the doughnuts at Randy's BiLo at around 9am. (you either pick them up, drop them off, and head to 9:30am mass, OR pick them up around 9:30am, drop them off, and then go to the 11:30am mass. Either one works.
2. Setup - I need a couple of people to stop down before the 9:30am mass (or during if that works) to get the tables out and make sure everything is set.
3. Cleanup - I need a few people there during doughnuts, and to wash stuff out when we're done.

Praise & Worship - Don't forget, we're also having Praise and Worship this Sunday at 7pm in the Church. See you there! Can somebody make a facebook event and send it around? Tim or Courtney? Thanks...

Otherwise - Start thinking about the activities you'd like to do coming up in the next few weeks, and which one you'd like to be in charge of making happen!

God Bless and See you Sunday!