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Activity Week Thanks - Hershey Info

posted Jun 20, 2015, 3:21 PM by Matthew Baum   [ updated Jun 20, 2015, 3:21 PM ]
First of All Thanks to EVERYONE who helped make both Vacation Bible School and Activities Week a success! You guys did a wonderful job at VBS, working with the little kids, making blankets, etc. AND everything went very well for our evening activities. A special thanks to the parents who came nearly every night to help work and cleanup! We're looking into getting some details set for two possible activities in June, depending on interest. We're looking into a 3 day summer retreat and/or a pilgrimage (trip) to a Saint Shrine or religious site. On that note, we'll be putting together a survey in the next couple weeks to see interest in upcoming stuff.


Hershey Info: If you are going on the Hershey Trip, Here are the details!

1. Drop off - GO TO MASS - 8am Mass at St. Benedict's. I cannot stress this enough, this is part of what we do. You may wear whatever you're wearing to the park to mass. We will load the bus after mass. Please DO NOT simply try to catch the bus after mass.

2. At the Park - There is a large waterpark at Hershey, bring a swimsuit & towel in a drawstring bag, watershoes are also a good idea. At the park, there are lockers. I'd recommend you get a large one and share with a few friends, it's cheaper that way. You can stash your bag in the locker and ride the rides. Lockers are around $20 for a large, it will accommodate about 4-6 people's drawstring bags.

3. Meal Tickets - Those who ordered meal tickets will get them as we arrive. They are good for one meal in the park. I suggest buying a souvenir cup, as refill drinks are much cheaper during the day and it may be hot.

4. Check-in - I will go over this on the bus as well. You may choose your own group to walk around the park, but you MUST check in via text message at 2pm and 5pm. Simply send me a text message with your name, those who are with you and where you are in the park. This enables me to know where you are, but not force you to get out of line.

5. Departure - Meet at the entrance to the park at 8PM. There are benches and a small restaurant near the entrance. Be there at 8PM. We will go through Chocolate World as a group at the end, as it is NOT part of the park. DO NOT LEAVE THE PARK DURING THE DAY FOR ANY REASON.

6. If you have any questions or issues, I will have my Cell phone with me most of the day. My phone number is 814-308-0501. Text messages work better during the event.

I think that's everything!
I'll see many of you on Monday!
-Fr. Matt