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Well Done on Apple Pies! No Meeting this Week

posted Nov 24, 2014, 11:55 AM by Matthew Baum
Good Afternoon Everyone,

Meeting: There will be NO youth group meeting this week due to Thanksgiving!  Enjoy some time at home with your family!  If anyone's interested in getting together anyway, please feel welcome.  If you have a specific plan that you'd like to invite the rest of the group to, please let me know and I'll post it.

Apple Pies:  Thanks to EVERYONE who helped bake apple pies this weekend.  An extra special thanks goes to Mary Ann Sivec and Suzanne Egar for spearheading the project.  Also, thanks to the Donate family for donating pizzas from the Orchard on Friday Night!

We made and sold....319 Pies, and that makes for a total profit of $2288.77!  Well done guys!  Now, remember, $1,200 of that goes to our YDisciple program, but if all goes well, I hope to cover the March for Life through the Baby Bottle Campaign, so the remainder can go to other youth group programming!

Baby Botles - We distributed about 560 of our 600 baby bottles.  The rest are at St. Benedict School, and I'll take some to McCort.  Hopefully the last few bottles should be taken this week.  Then we wait to see how it all went.

March for Life - Seats are filling up fast.  If you haven't yet, get your registration in ASAP.  The response has been amazing so far!  Don't wait till the last minute and find out that all the seats are taken!  Forms are on the website at  I got the bus contract in the mail today, and I'm firming up arrangements with the church we're staying at...

God Bless, and Eat Lots of Turkey!!!

-Fr. Matt