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Hershey Park

John Paul II Youth Group

Is sponsoring a trip to HERSHEY PARK

Monday June 22nd

All Students in Grades 7-12 are Welcome!

(entering 7th through exiting 12th)

FAMILIES are also welcome!

 $35 for members, $70 for non-members

(After June 8th - LATE Registrations are $80)

(Members are students or adults who have

participated in at least 1 Youth Group Fundraiser this school year)

 Park Meal tickets are available for $14

Registration Forms are available under "Forms" 

Turn in Registrations at St. Benedict Church Office

Parent Info Letter:


Thanks for joining us on the trip to Hershey Park on June 22nd.  I just wanted to get you a few details about the trip.  First of all, as you get this message, if you know of anyone else who would like to join us, we can still add tickets up until the day before.  However, any tickets we add at this point will be at the "walk-up" group rate.  That means they'll be $80 for the bus/ticket combo.


As we prepare for the trip, as it is a "youth group" trip.  We're asking that everyone going on the trip attend the St. Benedict 8am Mass on the morning of the 22nd.  Mass will be about 30 minutes.  You MAY wear shorts, etc. to mass.  We will board the bus immediately after mass.  If we are all there, we can move in an orderly way onto the bus after mass and make our way to Hershey.  We will make a quick McDonalds stop on the way.  We will arrive at Hershey between 10:30-11am.  (as the park opens at 10am, this should let us walk in and avoid the lines)


During the day, the young people will be free to wander the park.  We will have a cell-phone based check-in at 3pm and 6pm.  While we will NOT require the students to travel with a chaperone through the park, they must stay in a group (of their own choosing) of at least 2 or 3 students.  Someone in their group must have a cell phone.  At 3pm, and 6pm, they will be required to call/text the chaperone with 1. What ride they are currently in line for and 2. Who is with them.  This allows us to keep track of the young people in a reasonably non-cumbersome way. 


We will meet to leave at 8:30pm (Park closes at 10pm) We will meet at the Park Entrance INSIDE THE PARK.  Do NOT leave the park until the group is assembled.  Provided everyone assembles in an orderly way to leave, we will go through Chocolate World as a group on our way out.  DO NOT leave the park to go to Chocolate World during the day.


We should return to St. Benedict's around 11pm-Midnight.


IMPORTANT:  I am attaching to this email and posting to our website http://jpii.stbenedictchurch.org a general permission form, med form, and photo waiver.  Rather than re-filling the information for every event we do, I find it easier to an annual form.  Please drop it by the parish office before the trip!


Thanks for joining us on the trip!  God Bless

-Fr. Matt Baum

The Permission/Med/Photo form is available on the FORM Tab on the left!