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March FAQ

Often, Parents have questions about the trip.  I'll try to answer the common ones, and will post more as they are asked!

Q: Do I have to go to class Wed Morning?
A: St. Benedict Students: Please bring your stuff, and show up for school as normal.  You will be dismissed at around 10am.  McCort Students:  You are encouraged, but not required to go to periods 1 & 2.  PLEASE be ready to leave and come to St. Benedict at the end of period 2.  Regardless, please be AT St. Benedicts by 10am.

Q: What should we bring?
A:  Warm Clothes, hand warmers, good walking shoes, preferably boots.  Gloves and hats are highly recommended.  For the overnight, please pack a small duffle bag with overnight materials, a pillow and a sleeping bag.  Pack a drawstring bag to take along during the day and a few snacks.  Granola bars, etc. are very good.  There will be a long period both days between lunch and dinner.  

Q: What are the overnight accommodations like?
A: It's a gym.  From talking to the folks at Blessed Sacrament Catholic Community, we will stay overnight in a gym.  There will be a full-room divider between the girls-half and the boys-half of the gym.  Each side will have it's own gender specific chaperons, and after lights out, no one will be permitted on the opposite sex side of the gym.  There will be limited use of the showers available.  Please do NOT overpack.  We are graciously being allowed use of the space.  Please stress to your young person, we MUST clean up after ourselves and be courteous guests.

Q: Will we need money? What about food?
A: JPIIYG Will provide a sandwich lunch on the way down on Wednesday and Pizza for dinner on Wednesday Night.  There will be simple breakfast food and sandwiches available Thursday morning.  We will stop at the Golden Coral in Fredrick, MD on the way home.  Students will need money for dinner.  Snacks are also available for purchase at the Youth Rally.  There will be a long time between breakfast and dinner on Thursday.  Students are advised to pack a snack, granola bars, etc. in their drawstring bag to grab during the day.

Q: Can I watch on TV?  
A: TV information is not yet available, but typically the mass the night before and the rally are covered on EWTN.  CatholicTV www.catholictv.com generally live-streams both the vigil mass on Wed Night and the Youth Rally in the morning.  You can watch for your kids at the event.

Q: Should I bring a cell phone
A: Yes, yes, and yes.  Having a cell phone available makes keeping track of the kids much easier.  I have run this trip many, many times, and safety is always our first concern.  There is not much time for students to wander.  We generally stay in a close group.  However, having a student cell phone gives me the extra level of security of being able to contact that student in case of an emergency.  Additionally, the Youth Rally often has a "post to twitter" Jumbo-tron program to share the excitement of the rally.

Q: My child has special concerns, allergies, asthma, or other issues.
A: Please use your best judgment as a parent.  We will do our best to accommodate those who wish to join us.  However, we MUST know of any potential issues before the event, so that we can ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for the student.  For allergies, Golden Coral has a wide selection and can process a large number of students very quickly.  However, if there are cross-contamination allergy concerns, there are other restaurants nearby and we can assign your child to a group at an adjacent restaurant.  We MUST, however, know that information well in advance.