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Slinky Zone

Dear Students and Parents,


Thank you for signing up for the Bishop McCort Slinky Action Zone Lockin.  I just wanted to drop everyone a note with information about the event.  We will meet at Bishop McCort at 8:00pm on Friday May 22nd.  We will have a school bus transport us to Slinky Action Zone.  The Bus will depart Bishop McCort at 9pm SHARP.  We will not wait for students who are late so please be on time!  


During the Event, Pizza and Soda is included.  Lazer Tag and Bumper cars are included in the price.  Money will be needed for tokens for the arcade.  (5 tokens for $1) The event will be chaperoned and no one is permitted to leave the building once the event is started without prior arrangements. (hence the "Lock-In")


While I shouldn't have to say this, unfortunately it's necessary.  While this is a fun event, proper behavior is expected.  If a student causes trouble and fails to listen to directions of the adult chaperones or the Slinky Zone Staff, we will call home and ask for them to be picked up early.  Please make sure this doesn't happen.  I don't want to have to do that anymore than you do.


We will depart Slinky Zone at 6am and arrive at Bishop McCort for pickup at 7am.  Please be ready at pickup time.  While we will allow students with a license and car to drive themselves home, we highly recommend that they are picked up, as they will have been up all night.


One Final Note:  Unfortunately, while our turnout was good, it was not quite good enough.  We have about 35 students signed up when we needed 48.  With that in mind, we're asking if everyone could possibly drop off an extra $5 at the McCort office to help cover the cost.  Or if one of you is feeling extra generous and is willing to help out a little more substantially that would of course be welcome too!  Alternatively, if you can find anyone else to sign up in the next day or so, that would be even better.


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at frmsbj@gmail.com or call, my cell phone is 814-308-0501


God Bless,

-Fr. Matt Baum